Apps to Help You Find Unique Destinations All Over the World

Handy travel apps to find unique destinations

You want to go on a vacation, but not just any vacation. You want to travel to the most unique, exotic, and cool destinations you can find. You canâ??t always locate the best places on any traditional map or travel guide; you need a little help from fellow travelers. Here are some awesome apps that you can download and keep with you on your journeys.

Youâ??ll get the inside scoop on unique and lesser-known places, restaurants, museums, and much more to make your trip truly one-of-a-kind.

Discoverful; Free

Discoverful is a community of worldwide users who love to explore. Everyone is on a quest to discover new places and things. This app allows you to see and read about the things over people discover, and it allows you to upload and share your own discoveries, too. With Discoverful, you can search for discoveries near you or anywhere around the world. You can also create lists of the discoveries you want to check out for yourself, which is perfect for travelling.
Roadside America; $2.99 and Up

When traveling in the United States and Canada, this app will help you experience a truly unique trip. This app is a guide to offbeat, unusual, quirky, odd, and just plain weird attractions and sites all over. No matter where you are, this app will locate the hidden gems of cool places nearby, including museums, eateries, landmarks, and much more. You must download this app if youâ??re going on a road trip through the U.S. or Canada and want to make the most out of your journey.
Lunchbox; Free

The Lunchbox app developers call it the â??Pinterest of food.â? With Lunchbox, you can locate the best restaurants, bars, and coffee shops in every city. Users can upload photos and comments, and Lunchbox pulls reviews and ratings from Foursquare and Yelp to help you decide on the best place to eat.
Google Earth; Free

Google Earth allows you to explore anywhere in the world through geo-located satellite and aerial photographs. The high-resolution images give a unique experience like no other. You view your current location or any location you choose, right down to one particular street corner. With Google Earth you can visually locate new and unique places yourself. You can also search for cities, places, and businesses, as well as get connected to relevant Wikipedia articles for any location.
TripColor; Free

TripColor is an app that allows you to keep a blog or journal about your trip and all the unique things you find and experience along the way. You can upload photos, take notes, write stories, mark spots on the map, and more. Itâ??s an excellent way to record your travels for yourself, but also for sharing with other people. When youâ??re ready, you can share your journal through Facebook, Twitter, or email. The best part is that you can browse other peopleâ??s trip journals. Youâ??ll be able to see places through other travelersâ?? eyes, and you might discover a cool new place to check out.

Jason Gladeux is a freelance writer and travel agent who knows how to get great deals on vacations. He loves to write about everything from what to pack to finding bargains at Bahamas luxury hotels.

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  1. Great advice Jason! Nice article! TripColor I’d never heard of before and I like the fact that with this app you can keep a journal and upload photos etc. For people travelling alone this would make them feel less lonely and part of a travelling community. Great idea.

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