Angry Birds Fans Disappointed By The Kindle Touch 3G

Angry Angry Birds Fans

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Angry Birds may now have angry fans.

The wildly popular game was designed specifically for mobile devices, and those who like to spend their time helping the bright birds take revenge on the pigs that stole their eggs have come to expect Angry Birds apps on all their phones, tablets  and other internet-connected, touch screen devices.  When Amazon came out with its Kindle Touch 3G, an e-reader with a touch screen and built-in internet connectivity, many people accustomed to the amenities of their iPads may have seen it as an equivalent device.

Designed for Reading

However, the fact remains that the Kindle Touch 3G is primarily an e-reader. Its increased web access and the new touch screen are designed to help avid readers find more reading material more quickly, and to read, translate, take notes, look up definitions and do other reading-type things with ease and convenience. If you love to read, then the Touch 3G should thrill youâ??not so much if you want to play games.

The bottom line is that there is no Angry Birds app for the Kindle Touch 3G. None was ever made. If you want to play Angry Birds on your Kindle, then you will need to purchase a Kindle Fire, which is designed to be more like an iPad in functionality. Even if you could buy Angry Birds for the Kindle Touch, you might not like it.

Not Designed for Games

For one thing, the screen on a Kindle Touch 3G is too small. The whole thing is designed to be small and light so that itâ??s easy to carry, but small screens make it hard to play a fast-moving touch-controlled game. Perhaps an even bigger deal is the simple lack of color. Like many mobile games, Angry Birds features brilliant colors, and itâ??s hard to imagine that it would have as much appeal in shades of grey. But again, the Kindle Touch 3G was designed for readers, with its goal to appear as much like paper and (black) ink as possible. Jettisoning unnecessary colors allows it to upload text more quickly, and to work in an efficient, energy saving manner. However, it also made Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, decide not to invest in creating a version for the Kindle Touch.

Kindle Fire Better Choice

Amazon proved that it had listened to user complaints when it issued the Kindle Fire, which has a larger screen, full color, and many familiar games and apps available, including Angry Birds. Itâ??s a little more costly than the Kindle Touch, so if youâ??re looking at Kindles, consider what you really want it for, and how you plan to use if, before choosing the one best suited for you.

Unfortunately, those who rushed out to by a Touch 3G after its release, believing that they could use it to play their favorite games, really have no recourse. Itâ??s a tablet that was designed for reading, not playing, and simply doesnâ??t have the capacity to host a game like Angry Birds in a form that would be worth playing.

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