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Amazing Ninja Man is a game that was developed by It is free and available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

*I just want to make a quick note that the graphical style of this app’s icon is misrepresentative of the graphical style that the game itself has. The title screen for example seems very pixelated. It’s not a matter of a “blocky” feeling. I’ve seen such styles look really great in retro games, but this one just doesn’t do it properly.


In Amazing Ninja you play as a ninja that jumps over building. You can either jump once and land, or jump once and jump one more time in the air. After a few buildings go by, they start to have corresponding buildings above them and the game begins to resemble Flappy Bird. Although single player can get very boring very quickly because the speed doesn’t increase and there’s no boosts or perks to use, this game does have a multiplayer mode.

In the multiplayer mode you can play with random people over the internet or with you friends. While playing you don’t actually see the other players and their progress in the level, but you do get to see how you compared against them at the end of the game.  Even the multiplayer mode gets a bit boring after a while. If this game had more to it in terms of difficulty or boosts it would be much more fun. Also as mentioned in the beginning, the cover screen and other parts of the game look a bit pixelated.


If you like puzzle and action games like Flappy Bird then you will most likely enjoy Amazing Ninja Man as well. However, you won’t enjoy this game for too long because it loses its appeal very quickly.

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