Alternative Uses for Mobile Phones

Smartphone Vibrator

With 1.2 billion users around the world, it’s no surprise that there have been a few ingenious and unique uses pioneered for the mobile phone.

From the weird and wonderful to the illegal and dangerous, ingenuity has created several new devices out of this versatile communication tool. While your smartphone is certainly best suited for phone calls and texts, it has a number of capabilities that you might not be aware of. Please use the following information responsibly.

Mobiles can quickly and very easily be turned into detonation devices for bombs. Using only a screw driver, it takes mere minutes to set a detonator up. Since phones are so prevalent, and because the internal systems of all of them are so similar, they have become the most popular type of detonator used today. Of course, the online tutorials are helping them gain momentum, as well: Thank you, search enginesâ??not.

If you love the sensation of vibrating sex toys but are too shy to head to the adult entertainment store, you can download a number of applications that turn your mobile into a vibrator. These apps cause your phone to vibrate until you manually close the program out. This discreet and innovative use for a mobile can be utilized nearly anywhere, without the threat of embarrassing yourself if someone should see your personal massager fall out of your bags. Pack your â??toysâ? with you on a business trip, visit to the in-laws or a short holiday away. A number of plug-in attachments are on the market for more adventurous mobile users, as well.

The mobile phone makes an excellent one-time-use weapon. While you probably won’t be able to use any of its features after you’re done, you can turn your smartphone into a powerful projectile. Mobile injuries have opened wounds needing up to eleven stitches. A mobile phone clenched in your fist can help you break a nose, blacken an eye, or knock out a few teeth. The serious rumbler should probably keep his old phones on hand, as this could be one of the most expensive self defense options in the world.

Are you always losing your remote? Do you have to use several remotes with which to operate your entertainment system? Take back control of your electronics with one of several applications designed to streamline your many buttons onto one easy-to-operate screen. From the baby monitor to the garage door, you can operate everything in your world with a single Bluetooth widget. Most applications in this genre, including AVShadow for Blackberry, allow you to control up to 16 devices.

Turn your phone into a wireless modem and enjoy the Internet wherever you might be. Internet tethering, as this practice is commonly called, costs money with some wireless carriers; however many third-party applications can help users avoid incurring costs for occasional use. Connection from phone to laptop or desktop can be transmitted through Bluetooth or USB cable. Your phone will send any calls you receive while tethering directly to voice mail, so avoid tethering if you are expecting a ring.

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