Adsense Is Freaking Me Out!?

Question marks imageEver since starting a blog on my website, Adsense has been throwing some strange adverts my way.

I decided to click into ‘Kevin’s blog’ from my website just to see if my posts were showing up okay and was surprised by the advert on the right hand side of my posts linked to a website called with a rather alluring picture accompanying the link. I found this strange as I’ve been blogging about falling from heights and about bupropion recently and dating doesn’t seem to fit in with recent topics, at all.

Perhaps no-one gives a rat’s ‘pass’ about bupropion or falling from buildings and instead are focused on other activities.

I closed down the website in my browser and revisited it out of interest. This time when I clicked on ‘Kevin’s blog’ an ‘Asian dating’ advert came up, with the asian people looking strangely western – some even having blonde hair and having green eyes.

Then I tried again and another dating agency advert popped up with chiselled-chinned guys and a few pics of what looked like public school educated, woollen jumper wearing people, with fixed smiles. Yeah, you know the type 😉 They usually hang around boats or museums and drink root beer.

What algorithm connects ‘Kevin’s blog’ with dating agencies? What the ‘truck’ is going on??? It’s almost as if a guy starting a personal blog is automatically plonked into the ‘desperate’ category.

Those links aren’t tempting me at all because I’m happy, but if Adsense caught onto the fact that I like crispy chips with curry sauce, chicken pie with gravy dripping all over it and sumptuous 100% beef sausages from a real butcher, wrapped in crispy bacon with chillies placed inside sausages to diffuse with the whole sausage whilst in the cooker to give a nice bite to the meal. If they put up an advert with this image on it – then I might be tempted to click on the advert links. In fact, you couldn’t stop me from clicking on the links if they were like this lol . . .

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