‘Expense Account’ Accounts App – Written Review

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Expense Account by Digital Mind is a really useful expense accounts app that lets you keep track of your expenses. This app has a lot of options and functionality to help you save and keep track of all your expenses effortlessly and in a format of your choosing.

We’ve all come to the end of the month, just before the next pay day and thought to ourselves ‘What happened? How did I spend all that money?’. Well, expenses are like a dripping tap unless you keep tabs on your spending. By spending some time to notice and study your spending habits you can cut down in numerous areas to whittle down your purchases into a solid budget that you can plan for.

With ‘Expense Account’ expense accounts functionality you can quickly save expense information quickly and adjust and add details at a later time if necessary. You can sort your expenses into categories, different formats and currencies, create favourites and even switch the settings into 3 different mode options.

Even surprisingly small expenses can add up. Take for instance the Star Bucks coffees that I love to have every now and again. When I added up this expense, I was shocked at the end expense figure and switched to McDonalds coffees instead – saving me a whopping 80% on this expense alone. How many expenses can you whittle down to inject your funds into more worthwhile pursuits? It is only priced at under $1. A small expense, considering the amount of dollars it will save you after this wise purchase. Keep track of your expense accounts with ease.


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