5 Fun And Free Apps For IPhone

In this world of tremendous technology and mass communication there are a lot of things which make you feel relax.

You can rely on the mobile phones which have lots of apps with different categories like games, entertainment, news, business, education and many more. There are lots of apps launched every day in the market which is available in your Smartphones such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. They provide these apps for free which makes your mobile enchanted with different apps.

Here are the finest fun apps which are available for free and these apps are best suited for your iPhone.

5 Fun And Free Apps For IPhone

  • Hair Make Over Lite: This application is a free for the iPhone users as it provide with the funniest things. If you want to find which hairstyle suits your friend and you can do a makeover with different hair styles which features the best. Some features of this app are;
  • There are more quality hairstyles available for both men and women. You can give a style for both genders.
  • You can also give the hairstyle which suits you and can adjust your background. You can click the photos with your camera and modify them.
  • You can also share your pictures with friends by the social media sites like Facebook and Twitter by just one click.
  • Age Calculator: This application is also the free for iPhone which shows the correct age of the person. All you need to do is to save the name and age of a person and the rest will be done by Age Calculator. You can expect accurate results with this application. Some features of this application are;
  • It has the most effective user interface and easy to operate and provides you with the accurate answers.
  • Your age will be calculated in years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and even seconds.
  • You can also share your results with friends on the Facebook.
  • I Swap faces: This application provides the interchange of faces and it can be done through Photoshop. You can use this application by your phone as you click the photos you can use this app to make modifications. It is a free application. Some of the features of this application are;
  • You can share your pictures with your friends by the means of social media.
  • You can interchange the faces and this technique is called as Morph.
  • You can also swap the faces into the Facebook accounts.
  • Diamond Twister Lite: This is a gaming application which is free for your iPhone and iPadâ??s. All you need to do is to twist the diamonds by making it in a row and earn the points. Swap the diamonds in a line of 3 or more and complete the level. Some features of this app are;
  • You can play this game by rotating your iPhone as your Smartphone has sensors.
  • This game is various graphics and visual effects.
  • This game has 64 levels and 8 modes to finish up the game.
  • PPI Claim Calculator: This application is the free which is downloaded by many people. The PPI {Payment Protection Insurance} Policy is the insurance which holds the loans, mortgage and credit card issues. It will help you to reclaim your premiums and you need to keep the account active for this PPI claim. Some features of this app are;
  • This PPI Claim application can be accessed directly from your mobile.
  • You can also apply for this through online or to the toll free number.
  • This application allows you to connect directly to the websites and loan companies.

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