5 Essential Chrome Extensions For Financial Gurus

If you are a regular Google Chrome user, you might already be aware of the exciting variety and selection available on the Google Chrome Web Store, as far as extensions, apps and themes are concerned.

These features are an interesting way to customize your browser and take your web browsing experience to a different level altogether. From the entire plethora of extensions available, there is a decent section of extensions that cater to the field of finance and accounting. Listed below are five such cracking extensions that all finance enthusiasts must consider downloading.

Finance Toolbar

Finance Toolbar is a revolutionary easy-to-use extension for your chrome browser â?? absolutely free! This extension will keep you updated on the financial market by giving you an access to updated rates, latest information from top destinations like Yahoo! Finance, and also lets you watch live finance news from all over the globe. Furthermore, it provides a perfect platform to follow business news, live stock quotes, research investments, market statistics and much more! So if you wish to keep yourself financially updated at all times, this could prove to be the perfect extension for your browser.

Wikinvest Portfolio At-A-Glance

Another promising extension for your chrome browser, Wikinvest Portfolio At-A-Glance is basically an extension that tracks all your investment accounts by keeping a track on the real-time performance of your investment portfolio. This way you can easily track and receive updates and notifications about the prices of stocks from your portfolio. Regarding your portfolio, you will also get a quote of your dayâ??s performance, displayed on your browser, and youâ??ll also be able to see a full list of your holdings. Moreover, the extension gets updated nightly, and supports more than 60 brokerages. Overall, this is a very useful app â?? free, easy to use, and gives you quick updates regarding the real-time performance of your portfolio.

Financial Times News

For someone who likes remaining updated about anything and everything to do with the financial world, what could be a better source than The Financial Times? This is a fantastic tool to keep a tab on breaking news from the financial world as well as on latest financial trends. The Financial Times News extension gives you access to global news and latest stories from FT.com. When it comes to financial news, The Financial Times is undoubtedly one of the best sources available, which is well known for the quality and depth it gives out via its exceptional reporting and news articles. So download this intelligent extension for your chrome browser and keep yourself updated with key world financial news.

Google Finance

Google finance is another fantastic and versatile chrome extension that offers you real-time stock quotes, customizable financial charts, stock and indexes watch list, currency conversions, stock screener, domestic trends, portfolio tracking and so much more! You can even set up real-life portfolios and track your performance over a period of time, and get news updates associated with your portfolio.

Yendo Accounting

Yendo Accounting is the ultimate app when it comes to financial accounting for small businesses. It is a great platform equipped with essential accounting features such as invoicing, managing expenses, payments, budgets and so on. Some other key features provided by the extension include debtor/creditor management, sending invoices/reminders to customers via email, adding notes to invoices/purchases, sales tax calculation, sales reporting, creating detailed budgets and many more. Overall, this is an excellent extension, which has a simple interface and is quite easy to set up and use.

Romeo Handley works for Share Wealth Systems, an established company that provides its clients and share market investors with custom share trading software. He is an intelligent, resourceful individual who enjoys sharing his opinions and views through blog articles.

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