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Do you ever wish that you could free the apps on your device so that your circles of friends could see what apps you are using? App Store applications can now be viewed, rated and shared with friends with this ingenious app . . . Kind of like an i share in the iOS world.

‘Mates360’ by Jonathan Friese, currently priced at $1.99 has many useful features. You can share information on what apps you are using and also view what apps your friends are currently using. The functionality of this app doesn’t stop there, as you can even rate apps to advise your friends on the best games and applications to download. Can you imagine the fun you could have with this? You can download the same apps as your friends and compete for high scores or you can swap inside knowledge about your experiences playing a certain game for instance. After all, when there is a new game or update, you can’t always go by just a few App Store comments alone. Better to trust your friends who you will know whether or not share the same interests as you.

Contacts are easily identifiable using a secure photo ID feature. You can even create circles of friends based on the category heading you choose. For instance, you could create a kind of i share in the ‘close friends’ category or a ‘work colleagues’ category. These circles, or groups of people can be easily deleted or edited.  So who has Mates360? Don’t worry about this as this app will automatically check your address book for anyone using this app. If you want more friends to join you, there is a feature within the app to be able to invite friends to download Mates360 and join your inner circle. I can’t help thinking about ‘Meet The Fockers’ here, as you tailor your inner circle to trusted friends with valued opinions only. If they violate the ‘circle of trust’ with a bad app recommendation . . . well, heck, just delete them, or create a circle headed ‘People with bad taste’. 🙂

Just kidding, as on a more serious note this is a very good idea for getting the real lowdown on what are the best apps from people you know with this i share like app. Reviews and recommendations that you know are 100% solid, from people who you’ll know share the same expectations and preferences as you or not.


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