4 Incredible Makeup Apps For Fashion Diva’s On The Go

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Just when we thought smart phone mobile applications had almost all aspects of our lives covered, another addition jumped onto the mobile apps band wagon â?? the beauty industry.

Right from styling tips, to virtual makeovers, to photo retouching, creating makeup combinations, product reviews, skin care tips, to tips on eye and hair makeup and plenty more you can think of on beauty and fashion, smart phone apps can pretty much offer you anything and everything! Today, there are so many amazing apps available for you to download that it might become a tad difficult to make a choice. So to make things a wee bit easier for you, here is a list of five great apps you could download â?? absolutely free!

MakeUp by Modiface (Available on Android and iOS)

For all you fashion freaks out there, what could be better than having your very own makeup artist right inside your pocket? This is what MakeUp by Modiface does to you. Arguably one of the best mobile virtual makeover apps, MakeUp is one cracking app that offers an entire gamut of trendy cosmetic colors, makeover effects and makeup simulations. It is a simple app that allows you to snap a photo and choose from hundreds of different colors and shades of eyeliner, lipstick, blush, mascara, foundation, and eye shadow, and also lets you try out different hairstyles. Once you are satisfied with your virtual makeover, you will know exactly which product, color, and shade to buy, and which style of haircut to go for, before you head out to get an actual makeover!

GoodGuide (Available on Android and iOS)

When you go shopping for all those cosmetics and beauty products of yours, do you often get a bit apprehensive and wonder whether the products youâ??re buying are safe or not?  If yes, GoodGuide is here to guide you. This is an extremely handy app that allows you to look up products and even scan barcodes of more than 170,000 products and companies in order to find out their health, environment and social impacts as well as their ratings.

Mirror (Available on Android and iOS)

Apart from diamonds, chocolates and a few other things, even a mirror can well be considered as a womanâ??s best friend. Do you always find yourself frantically rummaging through your purse looking for your mirror, seconds before youâ??re about to enter a party, a board meeting or a meeting with your date? With this fantastic app, no more attempts of frantic rummaging! This basic yet amazing app turns your phoneâ??s front screen into a mirror, and also allows you to zoom, and use exposure controls as well as light settings.

Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips (Available on Android and iOS)

Yet another must-have makeup app, Beautylish is a versatile app that offers you makeup and beauty product reviews, tips on hairstyling, makeup looks, bridal looks, nail design, information on ongoing beauty trends, beauty tips, and much more. Besides, it also gives you access to tutorial videos on makeup, and lets you view elaborate forums where you can get tips on makeup, skin care, hairstyles and so on, from a community of makeup and beauty professionals.

So as long as you have a smart phone loaded with these four brilliant mobile apps, expect all your fashion and makeup woes to be fixed â?? for good.

Sarah Evan, the author of this post is a part time beautician by profession. She works in a store named Chi Chi Cosmetics who are one of the largest retailers of makeup brands in Australia.


Image courtesy of tOzz / freedigitalphotos.net

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