4 Fishing Apps That You Will Fall For – Hook, Line, And Sinker!

These days almost all of us use smartphones to keep ourselves amused and updated on a variety of aspects of our daily life. However, did you ever imagine you could make full use of your smart phoneâ??s smartness even while youâ??re out and about on a fishing expedition?

Yes, that right. There are a number of amazing fishing apps in the market that can help you identify fishes, tie knots, learn about baits and lures, and so much more! Here are four such apps that all you fishing enthusiasts out there should definitely consider downloading.

My Fishing Advisor (Available on Android and iOS)

If youâ??re someone who likes taking off on a freshwater fishing trip on weekends, this app is perfect for you. My Fishing Advisor is a brilliant app that gives you an analysis on the weather, sun and moon position, moon phase, and many such other fishing conditions that help determine the location of the fish. Apart from that, the app helps you select the correct lure, technique, and depths to do your fishing, and also lets you know what baits and presentations will be the most effective. While youâ??re fishing, the app uses GPS to pick your location, and lets you select the type of water body, water conditions, water temperature, and so on. It even lets you select the species of fish you plan to target and then lets you select the bait and lure options (type, size, and color) accordingly, before you finally select your fishing technique.

Orvis Fly Fishing (Available on Android and iOS)

This comprehensive app acts is like a powerhouse packed with almost anything and everything you wanted to know about fly fishing. Arguably one of the best apps from the fishing world, Orvis Fly Fishing has a lot going for it. Guiding you on a number of aspects such as animated knots, common casting mistakes, fly-casting instructions, fishing knots, top trout flies, top fishing locations, common fly patterns, and much more, this app pretty much has it all. Furthermore, if that wasnâ??t enough, the app also helps you stay updated by giving you access to fishing news, informative podcasts, videos, animated guides, and reports from Orvis. Though this app is a bit costly, the wealth of information it contains makes it worth each and every penny that you pay for it!

Animated Fishing Knots (Available on Android and iOS)

If youâ??re looking for the perfect knot resource amongst fishing apps, Animated Fishing Knots is undoubtedly one of the best you could lay your hands on. Animations are a great way to learn to tie knots, and theyâ??re fun too! The app features over 50 fishing knots, with each knot having its own animation video, a picture of the finished knot, as well as a short description on how to use the knot â?? sweet! Whether itâ??s the Baja Knot, an Egg Loop, an Orvis Knot, the Dropper Loop, or even the Slim Beauty Knot, these are just a few names to suggest how â??knottierâ? this fantastic app can get!

Fishing Spots

Looking for an easier, better, and handy way to locate a fishing spot around you? As the name suggests, this incredible app gives you access to over thousand fishing spots near you. The app gives out best fishing times for any spot, a tide chart for any spot, current weather and forecast for every spot, and even the stocking schedules for most states. Besides, the app even lets you access fish identification charts, fishing knot guides, and discussion forums. In fact, it also allows you to share pictures and the location of your catch, and you can even add new spots for other users to discover â?? perfect!

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Today’s guest author, Jenny Wadlow, is a freelance blogger. She is a fishing enthusiast and in her opinion, the jigging fishing rod is an amazing product and it helps you to fish more efficiently.

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