4 Codes for Assassinâ??s Castle 2 HD

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Step back into the 12th century, during the reign of Ibn Sabbah to serve as a protector for the castle of Alamut.

To do your duty as protector of the castle you must first undergo training to evade such hazards as axes and kernels. You must also hone your treasure seeking skills to uncover treasures and artifacts.

There are 45 levels within the game with an interesting twist . . . 15 of these levels take place in darkness, where you must rely on the light of a flame to navigate around whilst battling with enemies.

Appscraft has been generous in giving us 4 codes. The game only costs under $1 if the codes run out. So, put on your armour and steady your sword, to prepare for your enemysâ?? plots and plans to destroy your precious castle . . .

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