4 Best Ways To Use Siri

All About Siri

You have a shiny new iPhone with all the bells and whistles.  And somewhere buried deep inside there is a lady named Siri, who is at your beck and call.

But aside from commanding her to address you as â??Gorgeousâ? or changing her to a British man if that suits your fancy, how can you best utilize Siri and all she has to offer?  Youâ??ve heard people speak of her skills–sheâ??s savvy, worldly, super smart, and helpful. Read on to find out how you and Siri can take on the world.

1. The Perfect Personal Assistant

Siri is everyoneâ??s favorite personal assistant.  Sheâ??s eager to help, quick to find a solution, and always apologizes when she is unable to complete a task.  Running late for work and wondering if youâ??ll need an umbrella?  Ask Siri for the weather report.  Not sure if youâ??ll remember a very important to-do?  Ask Siri to remind you later.  She can add it to your Reminders list or set an alert to go off at a particular time or when you arrive at a particular location.  Need to schedule a meeting on the run?  Tell Siri who you want to meet with and when.  Sheâ??ll add it to your iCal appointments.

2. Everyoneâ??s Favorite Know-It-All

Smart phones have changed social dynamics since disputes over historical details and fun facts can be settled as quickly as one can type into a search field.  But Siri now becomes part of the conversation.  Just ask your question, sheâ??ll start an internet search to find the answers youâ??re looking for.  Wondering where you can get a latte nearby?  She can help with that too.  â??Hey Siri, where can I get a cup of coffee nearby?â?Â  Not only will she offer suggestions for a cup of joe, sheâ??ll anticipate that you might want a snack to go with and list options in the area.

3. Hands Free Navigating

Thereâ??s a reason why more and more states are passing laws restricting the use of mobile devices while driving.  It is distracting and dangerous.  Siri makes it easy to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.  Find locations and get directions by simply asking, â??Where are we now?â? or â??How do we get to X from here?â?Â  You can even ask Siri for directions from point A to point B.  She will launch your map application with the route completely mapped out and give you the first direction to send you on your way.

4. Conducting Business From The Car

Speaking of driving hands-free, for those who work on the go or run a small business, Siri is irreplaceable.   Use her to send email and text messages or place phone calls all while staying focused on the road.  A quick command like, â??Siri, send an email to Kelly,â? and sheâ??ll be on the ready to record your dictation.  Follow the message with a short pause then say, â??Send!â? and your message will be on its way.  If a text message comes in while driving, tell Siri to read it to you.  With a headset in place it is just as easy to make a call by telling Siri, â??Call My Big Ugly Boss.â?Â  (Just be sure that your big ugly boss is titled as such in your address book.)  With virtually unlimited potential, Siri is an important tool to add to your kit of small business solutions. Any entrepreneur or ecommerce small business could save time and grief with your own personal mobile robot, the lovely Siri.

Jazmine Green has convinced Siri to address her as â??Gorgeous,â? which makes her smile.  She lives and writes in Los Angeles.

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