25 Awesome Ways to Spend $50

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A single dollar canâ??t buy many things today, but you can certainly do many cool things with an extra $50 in your pocket.

From leisure activities to frugal purchases, you can certainly have a good time spending $50.

If you have some time to spare, check out 25 awesome ways to spend $50.

1. Go on an IMAX date. If you purchase two IMAX tickets, popcorn, and drinks, $50 should be sufficient. Watch a summer blockbuster before the season ends.

2. Give it to charity. Several local and national charities would do wonders with your contributions. You will not only get to help your community, but you will also feel good about helping others.

3. Buy gourmet groceries. Go on a shopping spree for special or gourmet items to indulge your taste buds. Make a nice meal with a product that you always wanted to try before.

4. Get new clothes. Check your wardrobe for new items that you might need. Shop for the fall season and get into the new fashion trend.

5. Purchase a bus ticket to visit relatives. Travel with Greyhound to nationwide locations to visit friends or relatives at affordable prices.

6. Buy tickets to a special event. Check for a concert or sporting event of your liking.

7. Send a loved one a present. Make a loved one smile with a surprise gift. Simply show them how much you care.

8. Fund a project. Check out local start-ups to assist people in need of funds to make a new product or service. Who knows? Maybe the new product will prove to be the latest trend.

9. Book a staycation. Book a nearby hotel to spend a night away from home in a fun way.

10. Get a professional home cleaning service. Why bother cleaning your home when you can pay a professional to leave it spotless?

11. Go to your local spa. Get a facial, massage, or special treatment to reduce stress.

12. Splurge on a new book, DVD, or video game. With $50, you should be able to buy more than one book, DVD, or game for extra fun.

13. Take advantage of a daily deal. Check online stores for daily deals to purchase something special at a great price.

14. Build up a savings or emergency fund. Itâ??s never enough or too late to build up a savings or emergency fund, which can come in handy later

15. Detail your car. Get your car some professional treatment for a new look.

16. Get some web apps to your smartphone. Check available apps to upgrade your Apple or Android phone.

17. Fill up your gas tank. It always feels good to have a car full of gas.

18. Purchase an emergency kit. Consider preparing against natural disasters or personal injury with an emergency kit.

19. Play in a social sports league. Leagues usually cost less than $50 to join. You can play bowling, kickball, dodge ball, and other games for your entertainment.

20. Go on a home date night. Browse through your cable options like Pay Per View or Video on Demand to stay at home watching a favorite movie. Buy some snacks and drinks to fully enjoy a date night at minimal cost.

21. Renew a subscription. If you have a membership or subscription to a magazine or club that have expired, consider renewing the service to check what youâ??ve been missing.

22. Help a local school by buying supplies. Many schools have kids that need to raise funds to buy their own educational supplies. Check out local schools that would assist students in need.

23. Get a massage. There any many professional massage therapists that can reduce muscle strains and overall body stress with a massage.

24. Do Home Improvements. You must have some small home projects pending. Get some new lighting fixtures or do some repairs to improve your home with $50, as an example.

25. Do something that you have never done before. Check out a new show or restaurant. Try new things that you wouldnâ??t do otherwise.

Even if $50 canâ??t buy many products or services, thereâ??s plenty that you can still do. Try new or favorite things to fully enjoy your extra cash. Add a few things on your own for many more options to consider.

This article is provided courtesy of Credit Season, a consumer finance website providing information and tools on personal credit services.

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