Tally Board for iOS by Runar Trollet Kristoffersen

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Tally Board is a game developed by Runar Trollet Kristoffersen. It is available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for free.


In this game the objective is to add and multiply as many numbered tiles as possible. There’s three modes of this game and those would be small Board, Big Scores, and Tough.

In big scores the board is five squares by five squares and there’s a few numbers scattered across. If there’s a 4 and a 10 sitting next to each other for example, they could be swiped across to add up to 14. If another 14 tile isn’t present on the board however, 4 and 10 won’t be added together.

Swiping over three tiles quickly will push all the numbers across the tiles in the direction of the swipe. A swipe to the left for example will bring all of the numbers on the right columns to the far left. After the numbers are settled in one side, then a new number will be added to the board.

Numbers are continually added and multiplied across each other until there’s no more open tiles left for new numbers to be added to. Once all the tiles are covered, then the game ends and the player sees their score according to all of their tiles added together.

Mission Accomplished

The dynamic complexity of the adding, multiplying, and moving of tiles in this game make it really enjoyable. Not to mention that there’s also super-powers such as undo, hint, and swap tiles which let the player gain an upper hand over the hectic board.

Room to improve

The graphical interface seems a bit too rugged and the artistic style doesn’t seem consistent.


If you like games like 2048 or 3’s, then you are going to likely enjoy Tally Board. Unlike the other games which are limited to just adding, Tally Board breaks through by also allowing multiplying. With a lot more tiles to work with, and the ability to get high points due to multiplying, this game is a must-try for the average gamer.

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