10 Reasons to Get iOS 6 as Soon as Possible

iOS 6

iOS 6 is set to be released this autumn alongside the iPhone 5.

If you’re not planning to get your mitts on the iPhone 5 upon release, then chances are you’ll be thinking about upgrading your old iPhone to iOS 6. iOS 6 is compatible with the iPhone 3GS upwards â?? which means you can upgrade if you’ve got the 3GS, 4, or 4S â?? as well as the 4th generation iPod and the iPad 2. In other words, unless your gizmo is, like, really old, you should be able to get iOS 6 up and running without breaking a sweat. You might be awfully fond of iOS 5 â?? and it is, by all accounts, a great OS â?? but that’s no reason to stick with it. Here’s why iOS 6 should make its way onto your Apple device as soon as possible:

1.      New Maps

Apple have previously opted to offer Google Maps, which we all know and love, but for iOS 6 the company is creating its very own Maps app. The app is going to come with full 3D integration, and it’s got better visuals than Google’s offering. We don’t yet know whether it’s going to be as functional as Google Maps, but it’s going to have to be pretty good to compete with Android. Either way, it’s exciting to know that Google have a new competitor to keep them on their toes.

2.     Facebook Integration

Just as iOS 5 included new Twitter integration across the OS, including it in many applications, iOS 6 is going to include Facebook integration across the board. This means you can check Contacts and send updates via Facebook from inside Apple’s own built-in apps, rather than having to head separately to the Facebook app to do it. This is definitely going to win over social media junkies.

3.     Improved Siri

We all loved Siri in iOS 5, and now it’s back, bigger and better in iOS 6. If you’ve got an iPad, you’ll definitely want to upgrade, because Siri is now compatible with iPad on iOS 6. It’s also much improved, being capable of understanding more topics and providing more information and better displays. If you liked Siri before, you’ll love it now.

4.     Passbook

Passbook is one of the most revolutionary apps to hit any operating system in years. It’s a new application which will allow users to access tickets, boarding passes, alerts and coupons. In other words, if you’re travelling or enjoying a day out and you want somewhere to keep all of your digital tickets, you can keep them in Passbook. Developed in conjunction with NFC technology and support from cinemas and retailers, Passbook has the potential to completely change the way we buy and use tickets and vouchers.

5.     Better Security

Every iOS update usually comes with heaps of improved security features, and iOS 6 is no exception. If your data is a concern, youâ??ll be pleased to hear that iOS 6 will be much better when it comes to keeping your passwords out of reach of criminals and hackers. Even if you’re not especially bothered by security, it’s always a good reason to upgrade. Digital security is going to get ever more critical as smartphones dominate our lives, and running the latest OS on your iPhone is a good practice to maintain.

6.     FaceTime

If you’re currently working from iOS 5, you’ll already know what FaceTime is â?? Apple’s very own answer to Skype. It’s wonderful, but it does have one big limitation: it can only be used over Wi-Fi. If you’re a regular user of FaceTime, you’ll know how irritating this limitation can be, but don’t worry. On iOS 6, FaceTime can be used over cellular networks â?? including 3G â?? so you don’t need to find a Wi-Fi hotspot before you get in touch with your loved ones.

7.     Better Phone Controls

An iPhone featuring iOS 6 is also going to be easier to control when it comes to receiving calls and voicemail. You’ll be able to turn the sound off or send a call directly to voicemail from the incoming call screen, but you can also decline the call whilst setting yourself a reminder to call the person back at a later date. This will come in handy if you often ignore calls and texts with the intention of getting in touch later, and never do. This feature alone will probably keep you in the good books of a few friends.

8.    VIP List

VIP list is a feature, new to iOS 6, which is going to make it a lot easier for those who regularly send emails from their iPhone. It’s built into the Mail app and means that you can keep the messages from your VIP list contacts separate from all the other messages. If you’re on the move and don’t want to have to wade through rubbish in order to find the messages you want to reply to, you’ll want to make sure you have VIP list.

9.     Better Graphics

If you’re a fan of the way Apple iOS graphics have looked in the past, you’ll love iOS 6. The new graphics retain the style and charm of the usual iOS graphics, while successfully keeping the OS looking fresh. Apple’s iOS 6 looks more modern, contemporary and sleek, but it won’t hamper your use; it’s still, fundamentally, Apple.

10. It’s the Future

We don’t know every last detail of what iOS 6 is going to provide, but the one thing we will say is that itâ??s set to become our favourite OS. iOS 6 epitomises everything thatâ??s great about Apple, and however much you like iOS 5, you’re going to like iOS 6 even more. It might involve a short learning curve, but it’s a change you should embrace, because the new features you see on iOS 6 are ones you’re going to be witnessing for a long time to come on the platforms of the future.


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  1. I remember when I used to be into iPhone I would have new firmware ages before it came out 🙂 http://techglobex.blogspot.com/2012/06/download-apple-ios-6-beta-ipsw-firmware.html

    Seeing that you are a developer I think you also get a chance to try out new firmware. I personally would rather have the freshest firmware and hardware even if it hasn’t been tested and is a little buggy. I use Google Canary for example https://tools.google.com/dlpage/chromesxs/

    “Not for the faint of heart
    Canary is designed for developers and early adopters, and can sometimes break down completely.
    Nightly updates
    Canary changes almost every day.”

    Its fun experimenting with new stuff :iPad:

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