10 Best Online Backup iPhone Apps

Those who own iPhone need to have an online backup service. This service provides them with particular system which duplicates the files. It comes either in automatic, semi-automatic and manual. If they choose an automatic online backup service, the system will backup their data regularly. The others allow the users to decide when the backup is held. There are 10 best online backup iPhone apps that deserve to choose.

1. SugarSync

It provides unlimited storage. This application will do the backup process automatically. The users will be free to access the files from the devices and computers. Besides, they will be very easy to share and sync the files as well. It seems to be a remote control since they can do anything with the computer such as delete, share, stream the music collection, etc.

2. SkyDrive

It is a place in which the users can store any files from their iPhone. They also can access it anytime. It is provided with a service to make them easy to know the recent documents that have been opened recently. If they have a lot of photos, they can open them together. Besides, the users also can upload several photos to their phone.

3. Dropbox

It is a free serice. By installing this application in iPhone, the users have already brought any files, videos, or photos anywhere. If they have received an important email from their relatives or friends, they will be able to save the email attachment to their Dropbox. Therefore, they can read the email anytime they want. With the “Favorite” feature, they can choose any files that they want to view fast.

4. Box

Basically, this application has been designed to share any files with the team. The files are secured with passcode and file-level encryption. When the users forget to log out, the application will log out automatically when the application is closed. Using this application, the users will be able to give presentation to their coworkers. On the other side, they are also allowed to give a comment on the go.

5. Carbonite

The users will be given 15 days to try this application for free. Using this application, it looks like that the users let the system do the job. The automatic backup will not make them busy to do backup process. If there are any changes, the backup process will be held by the system.

6. Mozy

Mozy gives 125 GB for storage. For 50 GB, the users have to pay £4.99 every month. The process in updating the files is automatic. For the security, they can choose either 448-bit Blowfish or 128-bit AES encryption.

7. SOS Backup

This application is a good choice for those who want to backup a lot of devices fast. Besides, this application also offers the security in the highest level with 1024-bit encryption. It becomes the favorite application for IT professionals.

8. iCloud

It is made by Apple inc. Besides it has been featured with a backup system, it is also provided with “Find My iPhone” feature. This feature is helpful to track the users iPhone using GPS coordinates.

9. PKGBackup

This application makes the users easier to share their backups with other people locally and remotely. In addition, they also can restore their jailbreak applications, tweaks, and settings after they upgrade iOS.

10. iTunes

This application can update the device with the latest iOS software. Meanwhile, the update will not affect the users’ contents and settings. Before restoring the device, this application can save any files.

These are 10 best online backup iPhone apps offered in the market. The most important thing is that the users require to suit features in the applications with their need.

Article written by Natasha , bloger and writer for Ninefold, Australia – online cloud backup.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this. Those apps are very useful. Never thought of backing up until I read this. I realized it’s very essential and I should have done it before. I have a dropbox so I think I’d try the app on my iPhone. The other apps sound good as well. Gotta try some of them.

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