10 Apps to Keep Children Busy on a Road Trip

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As every parent knows, thereâ??s little worse than being stuck on a long car journey with a group of children in the back. Bickering, sibling rivalry, little fights, constant calls of â??are we there yetâ??, high pitched shrieks seemingly timed to coincide with the trickiest part of the journeyâ?¦ for all the brilliance of a nice holiday together, you sometimes have to wonder if itâ??s worth it. But fear not â?? since the rise of digital technology, keeping the kids busy enough to avoid you having a minor breakdown has never been easier. Here we list the 10 best iOS apps for making sure your loved oneâ??s remain just thatâ?¦

Princess Fairy Tale Maker – £1.49

She may not be the best behaved princess in the whole of history, but your daughter will undergo a Grimmâ??s like transformation from â??screaming devilâ?? to â??quiet little lambâ?? with the introduction of this app. Create your own fairy story with a collection of colourful princesses, unicorns and even pirates. Best of all: the finished product can be shared across devices â?? in a modern take on the campfire stories of yore.

Make Me Smile – $0.69

If thereâ??s one thing kids like, itâ??s monsters. And what better way to distract them from their mission to make your drive hell than with this app? The object is simple: your toddler has to make the cartoon monster turn its frown upside down, via a series of nifty interactions. Bonus fun: your iPad will surreptitiously take reaction shots of your own little monster as they finally succeed in making their onscreen companion smile.

Road Trip Scavenger Hunt – £0.69

Want to involve yourself in the backseat games? Get them playing Scavenger Hunt: essentially no different from the offline version, this digital update allows your iDevice to set challenges, keep score and generate games. All ready now? Who can see the sea?!

Disney Fairies Fly – £2.50

Are you the proud parent of a fairy-addict? Then ensure a slice of silence with this whimsical delight. The object is simple: by tilting your iPad, your child guides Tinkerbell through a phantasmagorical world of pixie-based delight, including scenes straight from the movies. This app is guaranteed to render any young one speechless for hours on end.

FarFaria – Free

Got a budding reader on board? No fear: FarFaria is a vast, digital collection of kid-friendly books â?? from the die-hard classics (Hans Christian Andersen and the Grimms) to the ultra-modern, via a whole host of learning and picture books. The premier library for under 8â??s; FarFaria is guaranteed to keep a little literature lover happy.

GeoDash: Wild Animal Adventure – Free

Your young explorer will love this: a National Geographic designed app that guides you through the plains of Africa â?? and elsewhere â?? giving you the lowdown on hundreds of different animals. Complete with stunning pictures, this one is a real treat for creature-lovers.

Pitch Painter – £2.49

One of the most creative apps ever marketed, Morton Subotnickâ??s Pitch Painter combines finger-painting with music making via the medium of beautiful, mesmerising colours. Put simply: your young one traces their finger across the screen and, as they â??paintâ??, they create music too. Ideal for young creative minds â?? and pretty neat for adults too!

Cause and Effect Sensory Light Box – £1.99

Originally meant for autism sufferers, the sensory light box became a monster-hit thanks to its simple concept and beautiful visuals. Basically, it presents your child with a blank screen, allowing them to create otherworldly colours and calming sounds simply by touching the iPad. The end result is like a portable lava lamp: endlessly beautiful, beautifully mesmerising.

Toca Train – £1.99

Unlike in real life, Toca Train allows your child to take control of the journey â?? only instead of the backseat of a car, theyâ??re guiding a train across an endless landscape populated with quirky characters looking for adventure. Open-ended and designed to encourage storytelling and play, Toca Train puts your kid in charge of their own private trip.

Peppa Pig Me Books – £1.99

Finally, what child doesnâ??t love Peppa Pig? This app puts the entire library of the porcine-oneâ??s books at your disposal â?? guaranteed to keep any fan quiet for hours.

This is a guest post from Edwin Miles. Who is the community manager of Car Finance 24/7

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