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By WorldRelay, Inc.
WorldRelay Tuner is a television and radio app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is free and was developed by WorldRelay.

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This app makes it easy to reconnect with friends that are in town or nearby. As a user of this app you can add...

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Although this app has a bad interface, it's free and does the job of keeping track of college football games in real-time

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The developers got the game mechanics down right to a science and it's apparent: this game never gets old.

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By HKSA No1 Investment Inc
If you live in UAE then Nearbuy is a must-have app for smart and effective shopping.

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By Pluto, Inc.
Pluto TV is a really great app for watching movies, live events, and other channels for free on your phone or iPad

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Cerasis Quest is a graphic adventure/game that is hard to understand and navigate.

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Back2School Word Search is one of the least helpful apps available on the app store in terms of learning about English and other subjects.

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SpiderPig has a lot of features, but most of the useful ones are already built into iOS.